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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday 11th March 2012

Good Morning!
The sun is shining, the squirrels are running around, the birds are singing.............
What else is there? What a great day!

I don't know if you remember....but a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the the left side of my face felt strange.....
Well. any, it stopped.
Then, yesterday it started again, then shortly afterwards, I had an attack of the hiccough, and with each hiccough I had a sharp pain in my left ear. I hurt when I yawned too.
It only lasts for as long as the yawn or hiccough, but it seems to ease it if I put my hand over my ear............
Any how, now when I hiccough, my right hand shoots over my chest, and my left hand goes over my ear.............(each hiccough session is about 7 in quick succession!
So, I look like I have invented a new salute for Star Trek, or more likely.....Mork and Mindy! Lol!


Angelinthemaking said...

Good morning Carol

Sounds like a lovely spring day there and nothing like any version of Wolverhampton I've ever witnessed! Hope your mysterious symptoms either go away or just carry on being entertaining!


Carol said...

I am sure that they will go away......eventually! I am sure that it looks really strange when I get the hiccoughs though!!!!
If you are in the right place, Wolvs can be pretty......Every where looks great with a bit of sunshine!!!!!

Tina said...

Hi Carol,
I have been following your blog for the last couple months after looking online for cancer related blogs in an effort to help my sister in law set up her blog on Hodgking's Lymphoma. She was diagnosed on Jan 3 this year. My point I want to get across is you!
You are such a strong and positive soul!!! I am in awe everytime you post about your condition with such ease at it seems. It had helped me 'tough up" - don't know if that is a word...dealing with the last two months. It's a good therapy if that is appropriate to had helped me dealing with my sister's cancer treatment and process and the sudden death of one my closest friends, only 24, just 2 weeks ago.
I admire you and wish you continuous strengh and positive energy!!!


Carol said...

Hi Tina,
I am so sorry to hear about your sister, and the loss of someone close only recently.
I am so pleased that you feel that my blog has helped you. I really do hope that that the blog can continue to do so.
Just in case you are interested, there are a number of similar blogs listed in red to the right of the main blog.
Wishing you well, and hoping to hear from you again soon!
(Oh, and I hope that you don't imagine me as a large woman who can crack wall nuts between her buttocks!).
If there is anything that you feel I could help you with, please contact me.
Blessings, Carol