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Monday, 5 March 2012 March 2012

As many of you may recall, I would direct you to another blog....caroleandcancer.
Over the last year or so, we have spoken on the phone, sent personal messages, commented on each other's blogs.
We have never actually met, never the less, I feel as if I have know her for a long time.
and feel that we are friends. We have supported each other over the past year or so, Carole doing most of the supporting!

It saddens me to tell you that she was rushed to hospital on Thursday morning, and she is now in the Hospice.
Carole is losing her battle.

My heart goes out to her friends and family.
Sending positive vibes, and wishing for a miracle.


frahana said...

May God keep shining his light on this beautiful, strong and amazing woman who has been a true inspiration to everyone she knewm in whatever way. I just thought you would beat this Carol, I really did, coz that's the way you are....I'll keep praying for the miracle that will keep you here...

cleo said...

what a terrible shame this is... again a victim of a disease where they still haven't mastered the cure!! Pls hurry for THE CURE!!!

Carol said...

Hi Frahana!
Great to hear from you!
My Dear friend Carole is loosing the battle, she has been such a support to me. I am feeling OK, but tire very easily. I hope that you are all well. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

You are so right Cleo,
Breast and prostrate cancers are easier to 'cure' if caught early enough, other cancers like bowel, liver, lung are still causing issues. I hope that a cure is found soon.