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Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday 5th March 2012

Hey! Sorry to have kept you!
Been busy or tired since the last up-date..
Anyway, I'm here now!

So what has been happening? Not a lot!

Starting to get a tickley cough and a bit of pain to my chest and back, to the left, still a bit of pain to my right upper abdomen, some stomach cramps, nothing really to complain about though..............

Friday 2nd.
I took Mum to the hospital for one of her appointments.
She had to have some electrodes put on to monitor her heart. She was told to keep them on until Sunday at 2.00pm, then remove them, put the recording device in to an envelope, and return them on Monday, (today).
Difficulty parking meant that I had to hire a wheelchair and push her to the Heart and lung bit.
(Phew.....wont be doing that again in a hurry!)

Got home, had a shower, and in my jimjams. I noticed that I was loosing eye lashes...I first noticed a couple of weeks ago, well, I have very few left now.
I remembered that I had bought some false ones about a year ago, and never needed to use them, so I decided to wear them on Saturday to go to town,

Saturday 3rd.
I needed some bits and pieces form town, so that's where I went.
I was all excited about trying the 'eye lashes!'
Could I find them? Nooooooooo!
Where are they? Did I beat them with my shoe believing that they were spider? Did I give them away? I have no idea! So, get some more today!
I went to town, got my bits and pieces, (and eyelashes).
Back home.....knackered! Jimjams and snuggle with Dougal.

Sunday 4th
Couch potato all day....Bliss!

Took Mum back to the hospital, made sure that she took her zimmer.....bu**er pushing her in the chair all around the Wrekin!!!!!
I thought that I would try out the new lashes.............
Would you believe it, i found the other ones.
I decided to put the original ones on, because they were self adhesive......that was a bloody mistake....they stuck every where except where I wanted them! I would have had a better effect if I had stuck them under my nose and make do with it......night mare!

All is well with Mum, which is the most important Yay!

Any way, no need to tell you that I gave it up as a bad job....had to throw them away because I made such a mess! LOL!

I have been thinking about other stuff that I want to put on my bucket list, so, I am going to see if I can join a drama group, (naturally, not doing anything important, you know, just in case, but I think that I will have a go any way.
And, the other thing is, I think that I will get lessons in playing the drums, I have always fancied that!

MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!

Watch this space!!!!!! Lol!


Keith said...

Where was Derik when you were pushing Nan around in a wheel chair?

Carol said...

Hi Keith.
Derek stayed at home.
He rarely come to the hospital at all, he likes to stay at home........