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Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12th March 2012

Good Evening every one!

Today, I broke a nail, so I took my nail varnish off to file them all down..............
I know that it sounds stupid, but when the varnish was gone, it showed my nails to be very blue.
So what!? I hear you all cry.................
Well, for most part I try to forget that I am dying, but seeing my 'naked' nails looking so blue, just reminded me.
(Along with the fact that I am starting to cough a little now too).

There are many causes for this, but, in this case it is fair to assume that it is lack of oxygen due lung disease.

Anyway, I am going to repaint them.......grey or baby blue, not sure yet.

Ok, enough of that!!!!!!

I have made contact with the 'Codsall Dramatic Society'.
They had their last performance last Saturday.
This means that they will be tidying up the props and deciding what the next project is going to be.
I will be going on Wednesday evening to meet every one in the group and see what's what.

In between the last sentence and now, a young man and his friend came to the door.
He is having his legs waxed to raise money for children with leukaemia and diabetes.
Well, of course I sponsored him, but I asked to see how hairy his legs were first, so that I could put a price on it!
Wow! They are hairy!!!!
That is going to bloody hurt, so I sponsored £5.00 per leg.
It is going to take place at new centre for young people on Thursday evening, so if I feel up to it, I will go along and cheer him on!!!!!

For any readers who feel that they might like to go, and maybe sponsor on the night,
6.00pm Thursday.
Starbuzz Cafe,

That's set me thinking.........
I wonder what I can do to raise money for Compton Hospice.
(Having my head waxed should be pretty painless!) LOL!

Seriously though....there must be something that I can do.

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