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Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday 16th March 2012

Today, I am still very tired, and as I said, I have done, and intend to do nothing.
That having been said, the day has had it bit of excitement....................

I was sitting by the window, watching the birds and other animals that come into the garden when a Drake landed in the garden, closely followed by the Duck.

The had a wander around, and then landed in the pond.

Dougal was showing a huge amount of interest, so I held him so that he could still see, but remain calm..

Mum and Derek put some bread out, which they promptly ate. They didn't appear to be nervous, they ate and jumped back into the pond. Neither of them had any rings on their legs.

Any way, I let Dougal out, he showed some interest, and then settled, the Drake came out of the pond, (he was actually bigger than Dougal) Lol!

The two of them were aware of each other, but stayed apart, but carried on with what ever they were doing.....then, the Duck left the pond, and they both flew off together.

Although I am a bit upset that they didn't decide to nest, I am quite pleased that they didn't, because I am not sure if the fox is still about............

I had a great time at Compton Hospice Day Centre yesterday. I did another painting.

A lovely lady that I met there wasn't there this week or last week. She is very unwell.
So, I am thinking of you Maria, and hope that you will be feeling better soon.
And of course, I am thinking of Carole who is in Trinity Hospice at this time.
Hugs and blessings to you both.

OK, the pictures that I painted.................
This weeks first.........

And the one I did last week.............

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