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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17th March 2012

The ducks came back today!
I did a bit of reading up............
They remain a 'couple' for the season.
They need to nest in march, the need a pond or water that they can swim in for their fertility.
If there is a good food source, they will take full advantage.
Dougal is curious, but not aggressive.

Every time one of us, or Dougal goes in to the garden, they fly off.
Well, I did try staying indoors, and discouraging Dougal from going into the garden,
then I thought,
'Are completely potty!'.
I know that it sounds a bit harsh, but I have decided that if they want to stay here, which they are more than welcome to do...they have to get used to the rest of us who have made their home here too!

I have had a bit of a cough today, and my voice has changed.....(sounds like my balls have dropped!)
I am quite tired too, so it wont be long before I go to bed.

It's Mother's Day here tomorrow, I have to write Mum's card, she had her pressie last week. (An earring and pendant set).
I have my Mother's Day card from Keith, and Roxanne is coming on Monday!

Ok, I am going to give Dougal a shower, have a shower myself and popped of to bed.

Ahhh! Nothing like curling up in bed! All snuggly wuggly and warm!

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