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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday 8th March 2012

I had a great day out with Sandra yesterday........well, I say day out, it was bout 3 hours.

I met Sandra at the Station. We pootled for 20 minutes, sat and had a drink for 20 minutes, and so on.
We had a good chat, didn't go to many shops though.
Yes, it was good.

See!? It is good to talk, look at the queue at the phone box!!!!!!!

I arrived home at about straight into my jimsjams and flopped!
Later on in the after noon, I took a walk down the garden, and something wonderful happened!
I saw a white feather floating down from the sky, and I managed to catch it! That isn't something that happens every day is it!?

Today, I went to Compton Hospice Day Centre.

I did another painting, using the 'feather incident' as inspiration.
I am quite pleased with it, doubt that it will make me famous though! Lol!

Below is 'Starry Night', by Vincent Van Gogh. (I am not quite up to his standard yet, but give me time!!!!!!! Lol!

I spoke with the nurses about a couple of things....just wanting to know if they should be expected or if I needed to have them checked out at the Doctors.

1. Finger nails going blue. This is to be expected.........(Lungs).

2. Feeling the 'tumours 'in my liver just by having a poke around........(Small cell cancer grows rapidly), so it is another thing that is normal under my circumstances.

3. Vaginal discharge. This has a number of possibilities depending on if it smells. If it smells it is probably an infection. doesn't smell, so it is either:-
a). Original cancer growing back, or a new one in the original site.
b) The results of any damage to other tissue in and around the area sustained during radiotherapy.

Anyway, nothing to worry about, nothing to be done either way, just stuff to expect as time goes fact, it is all evidence that nature is taking it's course.

I have a number to ring regarding joining a drama group, I shall ring later today, and next week I should have the contact details of some one who can teach me to play the drums.

(I know that I said I was going to look into that yesterday, but I was hanging when I got home!)

No, Not him!

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