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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday 25th March 2010

The day has been beautiful!
I sat out in the garden for most of the day. It was fantastic!

I have been really thirsty for the past couple of days, so I have been drinking a lot more than usual............that, of course has it's consequences! Didn't really want to stray too far!

I did a couple of machines of washing, that was something that I could do with my eyes shut, at the same time as doing loads of other things!

Not now! I was huffing and blowing after each load, and the whole of the time in between, I had to use to recover!

Because the clocks went back yesterday, I was thinking that I may be able to stay up an extra know, fool my body a bit. Well, it didn't work! I eyes are drooping now! Lol! (Me thinks that my body is cleverer than I thought!)

The pain seems to be a little more intense, but the good news is, that it isn't more often! I have been having a couple of dizzy spells, but there could be so many reasons for that, the same as the headaches.

I have visitors from work tomorrow afternoon, so that will be nice. I should be spending the week end with my brother and Roxanne....I must confirm that too. I know that he and Dawn, his wife, have just bought some chikens, so I am looking forward to seeing those too.

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