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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday 18th March 2012

First of all I want to share some sad news about Carole Arab,
Carole lost her fight with cancer on Friday night.
Carole was an inspiration to many of us with cancer.
Rest in Peace Carole.

Don and Daisy duck returned today, and made use of the 'facilities' and then off the went again!

My friend Clare came to see me today, and she brought Tilda, her dog. She is beautiful....a huge black Labrador who wants to 'snog' every one!
Dougal and Tilda seemed to be getting, in the living room, in the garden.....every which way except.........
Tilda wanting to give me cuddles when Dougal in on my knee.. Dougal growled, Tilda took the message and walked away.
We decided that Dougal was worried that Tilda would hurt me as she is so big.

The dogs settled and we talked, we laughed and giggled, don't ask me what we spoke about or laughed at...I have no idea!!!!!!!
Clare brought me some beautiful tulips, purple, orange, yellow....fantastic!

In have been having a bit more pain than usual, primarily around my chest, sort of tightening. Little bit of 'light headedness, nothing to worry about....what I am a bit concerned about is that I took my evening meds twice, in quick succession., so I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hope that I haven't made my self sick, (and if I have made myself sick, that the sleeping tablet works before I feel sick.
I don't know.....what a noodle!


Angelinthemaking said...

Hope you haven't suffered any side effects other than a good sleep, Carol. I double dosed myself with something by mistake the other day. Maybe we should get some of those pill boxes with labels... Gabi

Carol said...

Lol, luckily there were no side effects, Gabi, you are right, I slept like a brick!
Hugs Carol