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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thursday 15th March 2012

I was quite busy yesterday, just doing bits and bobs.
It was my first time at the Drama Group too.

I really did enjoy it...there were many people, more that I expected, and the meeting was mainly a de-brief about the final show that ended last Saturday.
Based on the description, it was 'gruelling' for the cast and stage people.

I was really tired, and was wondering if I would actually be able to go. I said that I would, and I was expected, and I don't like to let people down.
As I said, I did enjoy it, but next week, I am going to have to make sure that I do nothing else at all on a Wednesday, and try and have a couple of hours sleep in the after noon.. Oh I really hope that it works!

I usually start to get quite tired by 2.00pm, and by 7.00pm I am completely exhausted!

Of course the other issue....The next play will be in September! (Will I be here in September, unlikely!)
Anyway, the best way forward is to not have a 'part' but do other little bits instead. Oh well, such is life......................

Today, I am going to Compton Hospice for the day...I really do enjoy that!
Tomorrow, I am going to be busy doing nothing!!!!!!!!

I have to make sure that I put my alarm on each morning, other wise I would be sleeping the rest of my life away...........Can't have that....I might miss something!!!!!

You never know...........ANYTHING can happen, I don't want to sleep through it!!!!!!

1 comment:

cleo said...

oh honey! I so understand how you must feel, .. well not exactly, but main parts are similar.. the alarmclock thingy etc, I could sleeep for years!!
Okay, keep your chin up, like you already do and smile, like you already do too! Keep on with that and all will come right! Believe in it honey!!
Love, Cleo oxoxx