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Monday, 16 April 2012

Info on claiming pension if you are terminally ill - Guest Blogger, The lovely Claire

Hi Everyone!
As promised, Claire, my friend, has agreed to be my guest blogger today with some very useful information and examples.

Please understand that this is not advice, it is information on an option for people who are terminally ill.

Notes for claiming early retirement pension in respect of serious ill-health

It is really important to provide as much information as you can with regard to your employment, and pension membership if you have them. However, if you do not have accurate details or you are not sure whether you joined the pension scheme of your Employer or previous employer, you can still get details of the pension providers on the Company website and request that they investigate whether you have any pension benefits.

• An example letter is attached which you can send with all of the relevant details completed

• If you have any copies of correspondence with regard to your pension, send a copy with your letter

• It is important to be as clear and detailed of your condition and also any information you have been given with regard to your life expectancy (if applicable).

• Make sure that you contact the Provider after 2 or 3 weeks if you have not received any correspondence and if you have received an acknowledgement of your enquiry, make sure you have a response when promised and chase if not.

• It is important to return information requested as soon as you can.

• You may be asked to attend an independent medical examination which the provider will arrange for you or they may ask for details of your own GP and authorisation to contact your GP/Consultant for details of your condition.

• There may be a number of options available to you if you are eligible to take your pension benefits early, and in some cases, where you may have life time limitation, you may be able to commute your pension benefits for a cash lump sum.

• Pension benefits are individual to each person and you must make sure you completely understand your options, and ask for independent financial advice if you need to

And, below is an example letter, if you choose to pursue this option.



Address of pension provider

Dear Sir/Madam
Name of Pension Scheme or Name of Company/Organisation Pension Reference (if available)

I was a member of the above pension scheme from (Date) to (Date) and I would be grateful for details of my pension benefits.
My full name is (Name), and my previous names have been (maiden names , any deed poll name changes etc)
My Date of Birth is (Date of Birth)
My National Insurance Number is (National Insurance Number)
I have been diagnosed with (name of condition), and I am unable to work/have been informed that this condition is terminal, and I would like to take my pension benefits with immediate effect.

Please could you send me a quotation of the options available to me, and please let me know if you need any further details.

Yours sincerely/faithfully

Signature of claimant
Print name of claimant

Well, there you have it!
What ever you choose to do..............

I would like to give a big thank you to Claire Tumelty for giving her time and sharing her knowledge.
Thank you Claire!


Pension Benefit said...

Contents of this blog are good and appreciative.

Carol said...

Thanks Pension Benefit....that is really good to know!