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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well, I am coping quite well with my 'new' feeling good!
I had a great afternoon out with Bill and Jean yesterday.
We went to a new French Bistro in Shrewsbury called 'Bistro Jaques'. It was very busy, and the food was good. (As was the company.)

I had a few moments of melancholia earlier in the know, a bit of looking back and assessing....have I been good enough....have I done all that I could have....that sort of stuff.......blimey, made loads of mistakes, and I have forgiven myself for most..............
But do you know what came to me....well of course you don't...silly me....well I shall share.

When I was about 12 years old, I was lusting after this crimaplene skirt, in an orange colour 'A' line cut. (Crimp. was a real thing then). order to see and lust, I had to take an alternative route home from school.
On this one day, another girl from the school, who always used that route, came and walked with me. I knew that she went to the same school, but I didn't really know her.
Any way.....just chatting.....she said,
'My Dad gets into bed with me when Mum is out.'

I had never heard of such a thing, and to imagine it was way beyond my capabilities.
I think that I may have responded with something like...
'Ewwww, that's horrid,does your Mum know?'
She said some thing unrelated, and skipped off to wards her home, and I went on a way to lust after my skirt.

I did get the skirt eventually, but I never saw that girl again. She has come and gone in my mind so many times over the years from the time that I learned that these things did happen. I often wonder what happened to her. If you are out there some where....well, I am sorry that I didn't do more, forgive me.

I was quite tired when I came home from my meal out, despite the fact that Jean drove.
Straight in to jim jams and flopped on the couch, then, watched a lot of mindless rubbish on T.V.............

I don't think that the pain levels are getting greater, I just know that I am getting pain in more places! LOL! I will be at Compton Hospice today and see if we can try something else to ease it.
I still have a black idea how I got it!

I was up at 04.30 this morning. I had some pain and decided to stay up, as I would be getting up at about 06.00 anyway.
Had a coffee, and then sat on the 'chaise long' to write this up and see the birds and animals in the garden.
(Chaise Long........posh or wot!! Lol!)

Me and Dougal, snuggled, he likes to help with this blog, he casts his eye over every word and picture you know!!!! Lol!

Any way, there we were discussing my rantings.......when, suddenly, this beautiful fox leapt from next door and landed in the garden, she is usually so quick to jump the next fence, but she didn't!

She walked quite confidently towards the window, stood and stared, Dougal stood and stared back.
I could see her very clearly as she was only about 8 feet away. I think that she is an older fox, and I say 'she', because she squatted when she piddled on the lawn.
(I reckon a he would have cocked his leg up the fence).

Dougal started to bark, the fox turned tail, and leapt over the next fence.
I had to let Dougal out then, because he was beside himself with excitement!

It's amazing what you can see in the early hours. Certainly an experience that I am happy not to have missed.......there is even a positive side to waking in pain! I would have missed that other wise!

Tomorrow, I am taking Mum to her new 'pad' and taking all the kitchen stuff to put in their new places. Roxanne will be there to work, I will just orchestrate proceedings from the comfort of my seat by the 'Juliet Balcony!' Now......just need some one to peel me a grape................................

Day off on Saturday, Sunday, Claire is picking me up and we are going to Bristol to see Robert. Whilst we are there, we will call and see Ann and Dave.
We will be taking Tilda, Claire's black Labrador..........bonkers as a box of frogs!
(Claire's not too far behind on the 'nutty scale' either.)

Well, I think that that is about it for today.
Have a great day!


bendeschaad said...

Good morning from Aaron-USA friend! Glad to know I am not the only one up at 0430 am:)
Stay in touch. Love you as only another cancer patient could.
Love and light,

Carol said...

Hey Aaron!
Great to hear from you! How are you and yours....any more gigs yet????
Love light and blessings! x