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Friday, 8 June 2012

Ok.....lets talk about these meds.

I hope that I have remembered this all correctly.
Let me first tell you that the nurses at Compton Hospice are really fantastic!


It appears that I am having a reaction to 'slow release medication',(morphine).

Apparently, to make the morphine release slowly, some chemical alteration has to take place. It seems that it is this chemical 'messing' is what I am reacting to.

So, now I will continue with the meds that I am on and just take my oramorph as often as I feel the need to.

I have been feeling a bit nauseous on and off for a week or two....with or with out any new meds. Not sick....just feeling a bit queezy.

Well, starting yesterday, I have given myself an extra 4 doses of morphine. The 2 in the night, I have been taking for a while, so in all, I have just added 2 extra doses.

This morning, I have been very sick. My old faithful purple bucket, is again at my side.......

Based on the facts........ I could just be sick for no reason other that I am sick!!!!
Maybe nothing to do with the meds! Maybe nothing to do with cancer!?!
Could be that being sick is the next stage to my cancers? Who knows?!

You can be sure that me and the Lovely Hospice nurses will be trying to get to the bottom of it!

All right, all right! I will see if I can get a group photo of the staff and volunteers, but you have to admit that the above photo is not a bad substitute, and I know that you will enjoy it Troy!

I was quite tired yesterday at the Hospice, and I think that I spent a good lump of my time there asleep.....(the first time ever!!!!!!!)

We did discuss my tiredness. This is just part of cancer, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I was given a great analogy....let's see if I can get this right..........

Well...........I can't remember verbatim what was said, so this is my interpretation........

I go at life like a 'pig at a potato'.........well, think of me as a car for a moment.......
a nice 2 seater convertible.......canary yellow, with a black roof, fabulous silver hubcaps, black leather interior, with wooden dash board.......Ahhhhhhhhhhh, sorry, got a bit carried away then.....

OK, I'm a car, driving every where.......(the lovely activities that I am going on etc), well, when it is over, I need rest, I need to 're-fuel'.
Well, with each re-fuelling, there is less and less fuel available, and at a pit stop some time in the future, my tank and the petrol pumps will be dry............At this point I will be sleeping more and 'doing' less.

Well, life goes on how ever you or I feel, so in about 1 hour, I will be off into town with Mum, to get some stuff that she needs for her move, and I will get some new under wear.

I have been invited out to a ballet on 19th June with Phil and Dawn, I am really looking forward to that.

I was suppose to be going out to lunch on 13th with Jean and another friend, but I may need to postpone that, because Robert has his annual review on that day in Bristol..........

Claire is coming on Sunday with Tilda, AND will have have the pics form her break in Venice.

Taking Mum to have her bloods done on Monday.

So, this little yellow sports car is having a short pit stop......filling up to complete today's pig and potato! LOL!


Catherine said...

I am so sorry to hear you’ve been getting sick. Hopefully you and the hospice ladies will crack the mystery of your nausea – in the meanwhile, I hope you keep cruising on as full a tank as possible.

Angelinthemaking said...

Goodness me Carol. What would these men do if it started raining? I'm going to watch the picture for a very long time in case it happens!

I would say it's definitely raising all health issues even if they turn out to be 'just a bug' or other news you'd perhaps not hear. After all, I was under the impression I felt ill because I had terminal cancer and now I've discovered it's because I've chronic kidney disease! (That's meant to sound encouraging but I'm not sure it's come out that way!)

Carol said...

Hi Catherine,
Cruising as best as I can, just a bit rough at sea at the moment...calmer waters ahead, I an sure!

Carol said...

Hi angel,
Well, I have kept my eye on the picture...sadly, no rain! Lol

I can see how that bit of news is meant to sound positive.......but, no, not REALLY helped! Lol!
Terminal cancer AND chronic kidney disease....doesn't matter how I look at it it is not good! x Take care Gabi!