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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Good morning!

Based on what I said last time...I am feeling good, (or as good as it it going to get!)

Yesterday, me and Mum went shopping for some stuff for her new place. (Thank goodness that that is over, I was completely knackered!
We got home at 3, and I vegged out on the couch until bed time!

Today, I am out to lunch with a couple of friends.....far more civilised and gentile than yesterday!

I have managed to get the birthday pics, well, not me exactly, Roxanne put them on face book lol! Will I ever learn? Naw!

Well, here are a few pics of the birthday............

Oh, I know what I have been meaning to tell you all since Sunday morning!
I woke up, had a shower, and as I was washing my face...I thought,
Any way, when I got out of the shower, I had a peek in the mirror, and I had a bloody black eye!
Still got it....looks worse now than then...what's that all about!

Not quite like this, but good pic, don't ya think............

Have a good day, and see you all tomorrow....

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