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Monday, 18 June 2012

Hi all,
Roxanne here, Mum is feeling a bit unwell, so I am doing this today.
Ok, well mum has been to the Dr. today, and despite what she may have told you she has been very worried about this.
The Dr. has had a good old poke around and he does not think that it is compression of the spinal cord, however this is still something that we must keep an eye on, just in case.

Sadly all the new pain mum is experiencing is due to the cancer spreading.
Hopefully the new anti sickness pills should allow her to take her morphine again. :) (This should ease the pain).
She seems a lot happier now that she knows it's not the compression.
All the poking and positions the Dr. had mum laying in have left her in a lot of pain.
This is why I'm writing this blog now.
After so long laying on her back at the Dr. she just doesn't have the energy or will to do it herself.

Now, I Know after all the boring Dr, stuff, mum likes to lighten the tone.
So,..... true to form I have an anicdote that I'm sure you will all find funny.
So....... I was due to arrive in Wolverhampton this morning at 9.50, Mum knew this because we spoke the day before. Mum assured me that she could pick me up, so I would'n need to get a taxi to hers.
I asked if she was sure and she said,

'Ok' I said.
'But if you cant just txt me and ill get a taxi.'

Well, at 10.00, still no mum.
I called her to ask if she is coming or if I needed to get a cab.
No answer.
I waited a bit longer and called again.
Still no answer.
I rang my nan because she now has a mobile phone.
Surprise! Surprise! No answer!!!!!
Now it's about 10.15.
I try mum one last time! No answer! I get a cab anyway.

Once at mums I find that she is in bed after having a rough night. (which is fine, she does need her rest after all).

Anyway, when mum gets up, she is all confused as to how I arrived at her house!
She was convinced that she still had lots of time left to come a get me. She thought that she had only been napping for less than an hour.......and asked why I had arrived early with out telling her!
Turns out she had popped for a nap and was hoping to be up at 9.30 ish. (Which was actually 11.30!)
'Why didn't you txt me and say you were going to nap?'
I asked.
She said,
If I had known that you were going to early I would have not napped, and, even if I did, I can't txt whilst sleeping!

What can you do??

I know that mum has already done a blog for today, but I thought it would be a good idea to keep you all posted on the Dr. as I don't think that she will be well enough to do it herself tomorrow.
So if there is no post then you know why.
Don't Know what pics mum would normally use but I hope you enjoy my choice.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roxanne
Thank you for updating your mums blog .Love your choice of pictures I'm sure your mum will be proud lol.

I'm sorry mum isn't feeling too good please give her my love, I really hope those anti sickness meds can allow her to have her pain relief again soon. I've been keeping mum in my thoughts today as I've posted heremy sister did have spinal cord compression. I know your mum was worried (hugs)
I hope a few days rest will help to get your lovely mum feeling stronger again I know she's had a busy time recently.
Sending love to you all
Sally xxxx

cleo said...

thanx Roxanne!! Oh dear all that confusion..but funny too it was.. Thanks for keeping us on track honey, you are a great daughter!!! hugs for her and you!! Cleo with love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Your writing style and picture choices are much like your moms. Good news on the compression. Hoping she can tolerate the morphine or some other help can be had for pain. Best wishes for some smoother days ahead,

Carol said...

Hi All, Roxanne did well, didn't she, Thanks Roxanne! x