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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hello this is Keith (Carols hansom son). I'm appearing as guest blogger today as Carol is quite tired.

What's Carol been up to?

Well..... Mum went to Leicester on Thursday with Nan and a van of furniture so that was day of self assembly flat pack furniture. Unfortunately there was no interweb in Leicester for mum to blogg.

On Friday mum went out with nan to get food for the flat in Leicester and went out for Dinner with Rox, Tom, Jacky (Toms mum), Jim (Toms granddad) and Bernie (Toms sister). Nan and mum got back from Leicester late that night.

Yesterday mum did some pottering about but mostly rested. I arrived at the house at about 4:30 just in time to help mum move some furniture and set up the drum kit downstairs in its new home. After this we eagerly awaited tea which was being prepared by Derek. After peeling the potatoes Derek decided a Chinese was a better option. Mum had duck pancakes, Derek had Beef Chowmein, I had kung po duck and nan had an omelet.

Today me mum and Derek went to Compton in the park (a small festival type event organised by Compton to raise money). Mum had agreed to read cards at the event to raise money. We were up early (before 9 which is early for me). We left the house and got to west park under Derek's directions. We arrived just before 9 and were directed to our gazebo. It was a wonderful green affair with a table and two chairs. Me and Derek hug the canvas walls to give privacy for the readings and mum decorated the interior with various hangings. The end result was an inviting and colourful nomadic like enclosure of which any wondering pedaller of mystic advice would have been proud. Imagen if you will an Arabian Sultan's cushion strewn paler of entertainment. Fine vibrant silk throws hang from columns creating small areas of seclusion. Incense wafts from burners creating spectral shapes in the early morning light. In the centre of the room is a large round table a foot of the ground. Roughly crafty from the trunk of an ancient tree it shows signs of decades of use. Laid upon the table is a silk cloth covered a spiral pattern of what appear to be symbols. However with floating shadows of the hanging throws and drifting incense the symbols appear to move denying you their secrets. A knowing yet reassuring voice asks you to sit. And that's exactly what the gazebo wasn't like.

A few moments after tediously setting up the gazebo (which was the last in a terrace of others) a gust of wind swept across pushing each gazebo into the next resulting in four snapped legs for mums. Swifty repair by a Compton warden and back to business.

So while mum read cards I went to get a hot dog. Armed with my hot dog I went to explore the event. The weather was rain followed by not as much rain followed by some more rain so I got an umbrella for £3 from a charity stand. Now armed with my hot dog and umbrella I couldn't hold anything else. I resolved this issue swiftly and headed off. Firstly I went to a stand where you could try your hand at archery. 3 in the blue one in the gold and one rouge arrow which from child hood had longed for nothing moor then to be fired wildly into the air in a Wolverhampton park (there was no stopping it).

I returned to mums gazebo where there was a queue to see her so I went of to find Derek (He was asleep in the car where he spent the rest of the event). So off I went again. I watched a few bands and then headed back to the gazebo. Mum was free and had made £50 in 2 hours. Gene stopped by to see how things were going a got her self a rose plant.

After this I went to watch a team of amateur dog trainers doing tricks which was actually very good.

After this I went back to the stage where Wolverhampton's renowned Bridgnorth Ukulele Band were performing the Zuton's Valerie. Now extremely excited about the ukulele I negotiated a lesson with two of the band in return for £1 but so good was the lesson I gave 2. I can now play c, G and F the basis for most songs.

Back to mums gazebo where tiredness had kicked in and mum had decided to pack up. Emma and John with there children Reece and Camron arrived to say hi. Mum had raised £100 and even read the cards for the daughter of Jaki Graham a famous singer.

Back home for tea.

Hopefully mum will be able to update the blogg herself next time. Thank you for reading (Sorry there were no pictures I don't know how to do that) Cheers from Keith.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Keith for such a wonderful update...what a weekend!!!!
And you have a a way with words... :) you do your mum proud :)

Carol you and I have so much in common lol I spend my life doing readings ...
If you feel up to it..what deck do you use? I'd love to know as being a collector of tarot/oracle cards it's very interesting.
You must be shattered..
I wish you a restful night..
Love Sally xxxx

Tina said...

Great job Keith!! Thanks for taking the time! Hope Carol is doing well.

Tina said...

Great job Keith!! Thanks for taking the time! Hope Carol is doing well.

Thandi said...

Thanks for the update Keith.Glad she had a full weekend.

Catherine said...

Great post, Keith. Your mom is lucky to have such helpful and talents writers for children (even without pictures, I could imagine everything). The card reading sounds particularly cool – congrats to her for raising all that money!

Carol said...

Hi Sally,
I would to discuss the cards......I will p.m you, hope that that is OK...Yes I am shattered, a bit slow responding to comments....sorry.
Talk soon

Carol said...

Hi Tina and Thandi,
Yes, Keith and Roxanne did a great job blogging for me........
Great little writers. Thanks both.