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Monday, 11 June 2012

Right, here I am with my 'second wind!!!!!!!'
Grrrrrrrrrr! Beware I am on the path of the wind!

Ok, slight exaggeration...I am trying to stand up in it!

Never the less, this is how it is..............

The slow release morphine make me very sick. The quick stuff, that I am taking anyway, make me sick if I use it more that 3 times in a 24 hour period, so I save that for night time to help me get a good night's sleep.

I still get pain in the day and the night...I can sleep from 22.00hrs - 02.00, 02.30 - 04.00,
04.30-06.00. Then I have to get up.
If I can, I go back to bed at 08.30-10.00.
(All the times are approximate.)

I have decided, that the way I feel is the best that I am going to feel, so waiting to feel better is like waiting for summer????? Will we get one? Who Knows?

SO, regardless how I feel, I am going to 'Suck it up', and get on with it!

Now then,
The pics from my birthday are ready and Jean, bless her, has managed to get the pic of me on the horse, so that should be up soon too.
(I was going to put the birthday pics up now, but I haven't named then, and they are coming up with silly numbers, so I have idea what is what and who is how..........
I can here you all saying,
'Nothing new there then'!
(How do you spell the sound of a raspberry being made!) ?Thhhhhhhrrrrrrrruuuuuppppptttttt?

Off now to see if I can identify these pics to give them to you tomorrow.

Today, I am off shopping with mum, for some new stuff that she wants for her new place, (again).
Tomorrow, out to lunch with Jean and Bill.
Thursday, Compton Hospice.
Friday, hopefully, meeting Mandy, who is going to 'do my service'.

Well, my petrol maybe getting a little scarce, but I will see if I can find some sugar, diesel, vegetable oil, electricity, wind power or anything that will take me just that bit further!!!!!!

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