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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday 17th June 2012

Hi all!
As you know, I went to Leicester on Friday, to take some stuff to Mum's new place.
I picked Roxanne up on the way.
Well, we unpacked some stuff and put it away, that too about 2-3 hours, that's not bad really, the drive there was only about 1 hour.

When that was done, we decided to have a little walk to see if there was any where within walking distance to have lunch.

Well, there was, and what a great place it turned out to be!

It is called,
'The Gate Bistro',
and it is on Braunstone Gate, in Leicester.

If you ever go to that neck of the woods, I strongly recommend it.

The food was fabulous, the staff were very helpful and friendly, and the music playing in the back ground was very good too.

We sat at the table that you can just see behind the sofa and pillar. Really great! I will certainly go there again.

Anyway, after lunch, we went to buy a fridge, so off the the retail park.
We found just what Mum wanted, so we bought it, load it into the car, took it to Mum's place and installed it.

Then we took Roxanne home, and came home.

The drive was horrendous! Accidents galore, rain, road works....Grrrrrrrrr.

It took over 2 hours to get home. Arrived home after 7pm. I was exhausted.

Add rain, and that is a pretty accurate picture! Lol!

Saturday, I was still shattered, so I spent all of Friday evening and all day Saturday in my pj's, drifting in and out of sleep all day.

Jean and young Dave came for a short visit. That was nice.

To be honest, I am still tired this morning.

Today, Claire is driving me to Bristol to see Robert, and then we are meeting Ann and Dave for a meal.
Claire is bringing Tilda, the beautiful but batty black lab!

Tomorrow, I have to take Mum to have her bloods done, and then I have to go to the Doctor to get another confirmation check that I don't have a spinal cord compression.
Roxanne is coming too.

I also need to get these new meds into my system so that I can have another go at taking extra and or longer lasting morphine for my you know, it makes me sick, so I am having to choose between throwing up or having pain. Right now, I would sooner have pain!

In fact, I am beginning to wonder if the sickness is really the morphine, because I feel sick, with being sick on and off most days any way.
Oh well, it will all be sorted soon enough.

This what I want to be doing, but I don't want any precious time wasted on sleep.......I will be able to rest soon enough!

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cleo said...

hey baby!! You are one brave woman, again I say this, b ecause me myself is getting weary for HER scan in august.. and I am not son brave, I am scared for what they will find and say..
But I don't wanna talk about me, I want to wish you strength enough to cope with your nausenous and pain! oh girl, how I pray and wish you better health and also endurance! Here take my hugs and kisses! <3 <3