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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Good Morning!

I had a great birthday on Saturday.
I want to thank so many of you for leaving birthday messages on FB and for sending cards.

Well, I decided that I wouldn't continue to take the second lot of new meds. I wanted to be sure that I was well for our meal out at the Wing wah. Ready for anything!

I did have to take a couple of naps in the day, but I was pretty well for the evening.

Keith came on Friday evening.

A beautiful bouquet arrived on Saturday morning as a birthday gift from Sandra. Thanks.

Tom,Roxanne, Ann and Dave arrived at about 3.30 -4,30.
Dave, Jean, Richard and Jacky met at the Wing Wah at 6.00.

We all gathered ready for the evening.

We all ate, drank and chatted.

Suddenly, I was presented with a beautiful gift from Anita,(receptionist at the Wing Wah), and the rest of the staff, it was very touching, and I got all soft,tearful and very emotional.

After that, all returned to normal, Taro, (the manager), made us all ware weird and funny fact Keith looked like 'Speedy Gonzales', the little cartoon mouse when he looked down.

All the staff came and sang happy birthday, Taro on the 2 string guitar and me the the maracas! Lol!

A huge desert with sparklers came to the table, (accompanied), we got loads of spoons and we all tucked it!

I had balloons and ribbons from the wrapped present on my head and tied to other bits.

8.30 - 9.00....every one went and Mum were really tired!

Thanks to every one for making today a great day!

There are loads of photos on every ones camera's , but alas, I need them to be sent to me before I can publish them here.

Let's hope that I can publish this now!


Catherine said...

Carol, Happy Birthday!

I’ve just found your blog online – and have to say that your post style is great. I love the mixture of images and thoughts.

Glad to hear you had a happy birthday. The decision to abstain from the medication is so understandable, and really, we need to make our own choices in terms of our lives & wellbeing. Reading over your previous post, I thought – how do these drug companies come up with such crazy names? They must have a letter randomizer to pull out these brand titles. :)

Hope the birthday high stretches for a while. Looking forward to following your journey.


Carol said...

Hi Catherine,
Glad that you like my blog....going to have a little look at your link now. Hope hear more from you!