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Friday, 29 June 2012

The second time that I have done this today.....nearly finished pressed the wrong button, and it all deleted itself!!!!!!!!!

Well, the results wont be the same, because they are already different!

Claire came for a visit last evening......the roads were all snarled up because of the surprise flash floods....all over the country apparently.

Anyway, she made it, and Tilda came too.
Tilda is completely bonkers! I don't know how she did it, but she jumped in to the fish pond, and the only wet bits were from her wait to the paws on her back legs...the front was dry! How the hell did she do that?
We had a great evening of just chatting and drinking coffee. Dougal was fine with Tilda, as usual, unless Tilda tried to jump on my lap, then Dougal was having none of it! Bless my little protector!

Another friend of mine has a dog called George....he is bats....poor sweetie has to have counselling! He is so scared of everything, makes you wonder what his life was like before Jacky rescued him. Anyway, Dougal is going to the groomers again on Wednesday, and! is coming to have his nails clipped, because he is scared.

Not quite....but neary....

I think that what I am saying, is Dougal is perfect in every way.....which, of course, he is! LOL!
I love my dog, and every one else's! Cats too, in fact everything and every body!

Well, I have been feeling really 'blaaaaaahhhhhh' for about a week.
Now I am feeling a bit better. I have started to take the new anti-sickness meds, and then re-introduced the morphine tablets. Yes, I do feel sick about 8 hours after taking then for about 2 hours.....but lucky me.....I haven't been sick, so I will re-introduce the oramorph and see if that will reduce the pain. The pain hasn't been worse, but it hasn't been less either. It is all manageable though.

This is how I feel...tiredness and! (Probably how I look too).

The people who I don't see daily, say that they can see a increase in looking tired and loosing weight. People that see me daily say that there is no decline.
I feel a decline, although, I don't see it.

The good news is, that apart from having cancer, I am really fit and that is good. I'll drink to that!

The funeral is all sorted now....all the 'T's crossed and the I's dotted.
My Wiccan funeral, as far as we can go without breaking policy and procedure or breaking the law.

Mandy, my friend is taking the 'service'. Thanks Mandy!

The only other thing that I would have liked, is 2 white horses, with orange plums and a carriage.....but I think that the price will be prohibitive. Hey ho, can't complain, I have everything else, including a good quality of life. Thanks. :)

Mum left on Wednesday, and the house seems a bit empty. I was a bit emotional, and I do really miss her. She is in the best place, she will settle, make friends and enjoy a good social life, and Roxanne is close by, so I must stop being selfish, and rejoice.

My last words today, are to thank Keith and Roxanne for blogging for me when I was feeling unable.
Thanks to you both, and I love you very much.

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