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Monday, 25 June 2012

Good Morning all....well, I'm back.....would have been back last night, but Keith hogged the computer!

I really want to thank Keith and Roxanne for keeping the blog going when I was particularly tired. What a great job they did! Thanks to both of you.

Well,Keith has left for a meeting in Gatwick this morning, and Roxanne will be here at about 09.45, when I will pick her up from the station! Lol!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now I have a feeling of loss of!

I will try to start where Keith and Roxanne left off.

OK., The new meds have had time to circulate my system now, so I have started the extra morphine again.

Well, not really sure how it is going yet, I took the Zoromorph twice yesterday, and already, I am feeling a bit sick, the operative word is 'feeling', so hopefully, that is how it will remain. I haven't made my mind up about continuing with the Zoromorth today or if I should leave so that the operative word remains 'feeling' and not 'being' sick.

Whilst I was at 'Compton in The Park', (A fund raising event for Compton Hospice), the daughter of a famous singer came for a card reading. Natalie Graham. Natalie is a singer and song writer in her own right, but she also managers her mother, Jakie Graham, who has had number one hits in America, and was very well know in the 80's/90's.

Jakie is an Ambassador for Compton Hospice, and I am hoping to meet her on a Thursday in the near future.
She has a new album coming out is really worth a listen.

Oooooooo, meeting the 'Stars', how fantastic!

Moving on,
As you know, I can only sleep on my left side or on my tummy....well, sod's law....I have a pressure sore on my left ear!!!!! I know, I don't believe it either!

Anyway, I went to get some new pillows, those that 'contour the head, even the ears, just need to wait and see now!

As I said, Mum is leaving for good tomorrow, this is going to feel really strange, and I will miss her, so I am feeling a bit sad and emotional, but I do know that it is all for the 'Crisis' Management needed here!!!!!!

I want to give you all a great big thank you for staying with me despite my absence!
Thank you!


Catherine said...

Welcome back. It's great to see you writing & picturing (?) again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
I've never posted before, but wanted to say a great big "WELCOME BACK"!!!
I might not have posted, but I've been reading your blog for quite a while, and was really worried about you when you went quiet!!!
Your sense of humour, and never say never attitude is an inspiration to us all.
I hope that icky feeling stayed just that, and your new pillows allow for some comfortable rest!!
Kindest Regards, and big cyber hugs.

Thandi said...

*sigh* Sorry about the ear.

Carol said...

Hi Thandi,
sounds worse than it is........just looks a little .....bright! Lol!

Carol said...

Hi Catherine,
Hope that you enjoyed the pics....good to be back.

Carol said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for the comments, glad that you enjoy the blog, don't be!
Bless you