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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Her we are, the last day of June....and where is summer?
Hey ho.........suppose I will just have to try and believe that it is summer in my heart at least!

I have been approached by Compton Hospice, who were approached by a production company, who are commissioned by Channel 4 to do a documentary on death and dying.
I do think that I would like to get involved with this, but I need a bit more info.
I will keep you updated.

Dot and Pete took me out last night, to a UB40 Tribute Evening. I really enjoyed it, I danced as much as I could.
I only had 3 of those tiny bottles of Blossom Hill wine, and I was all giggly, and relatively uninhibited!

OK., this picture may not be directly connected to being a little merry, she she does look very uninhibited....and what an interesting character she appears to be.

Any way, at home time, Dot and Pete got me a taxi, and home I went.
Well, I gave the address to the number just street.
When we arrived, I said here will do, thanks.
Ohhhhhhh dear!
I knew that I was close, but could I find the house, NO!
How stupid is that?
I had to ring Derek and ask him to stand by the gate so I could see where I lived!!!!!

After talking about Tilda in yesterday's blog, Claire said that her friend txt her, pretending to be a dog warden and said that complaints had been made about Tilda's behaviour.....Lol!
Well, Claire phoned me....we had a good laugh, and then discussed the 'only getting the back end wet' issue.

I explained that there were some little black fish in the pond, and loads of tadpoles and baby frogs.

I cant tell you what she said....and she said it in all innocence, but it came out quite rude.
Claire asked me not to mention it!

Claire, I can't, but if enough of you really want to know, I will tell you in tomorrows blog........hehehhehehehhe, oh what fun!


Catherine said...

A UB40 tribute evening sounds Amazing (with a capital A).

Anonymous said...

Lol Carol :) I'm glad you found your way home in the end.
Oh yes I'd love to know what Claire said ;).
I shall be waiting....

It's lovely to hear you are enjoying yourself, now I've got that song red red wine stuck in my head lol
Love Sally xxxx

Carol said...

It was great, and it was good night all round...I love to dance, and good music always helps, the good company was a bonus!

Carol said...

Sally........sometimes I wonder how much more stupid I can actually get!
Claire said, (and it was in all innocence).........
'The frogs must have sucked Tilda off!'

Anonymous said...

LOL I love it : D
You have made me laugh Carol..and of course I shall keep it to myself ;)

Ive done some daft things too Carol and at least we can laugh about it but reading your words today reminded me of my sister one night coming home from a few drinks in town, we were walking along and she bumped into a lamp post and said sorry to it lol I couldn't stop laughing, she was convinced it was someone :)
The things we do ;)
Have a lovely weekend Carol and I hope summer makes an appearance soon.
Sally xxx

Carol said...

Sally, yes, we do silly things, I remember a few years ago, Mum, me and my nan went to some toilets in a department store.................
Nan spoke to some and suggested that the other woman went first.....Daft nan was looking at herself in the mirror!!!!!!!