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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday 9th August

Stories, as requested and promised!
Well, Scotland is quite away from here, so we decided to travel up nice and slowly, stopping at all the services on the way. (I still need to use the facilities on a very regular basis). Too much information, I know!

Anyway, Roxanne and her best friend and Maid of Honour, Sapphire were travelling from Leicester, (which is in the East Midlands). Derek and I were travelling from Wolverhampton, (which is in the West Midlands). We are going to Scotland as mentioned, which is North).
M6 Motorway, most direct, straight through to Carlisle, connects to Leicester via M69, and Wolverhampton via A449.....sorted!

We arranged to meet up at one of the service stations. The agreement was that, as I was leaving first, so that I could have a nice little pootle up there, I would select the service station, ring Roxanne when we were there to let her know which one it was.
I decided to stop at Stafford Services.
I phoned Roxanne, and she told me that they would be there in about 20 minutes.
35 minutes later, I called her again.
I asked where she was. Roxanne gave me the name of a service station that they had just passed. ( I had never heard of it), so I asked which junction she had just passed. I heard a little voice in the background, Sapphire was driving....she shouted, not sure, they are not easy to see on the A1 motorway!

So.................both on separate Motorways.... I would have still been there waiting!!!!!! Communication clearly failed us, because there wasn't any!!!!

Well, he was not very well, his foot had swollen like a balloon, looks like gout to me, but Derek said that it isn't.................
Anyway, when we got to the Hotel in Scotland, (Roxanne and Sapphire turned up about 30 minutes after us), Derek remained in the Hotel room with his foot up......I was having a problem trying to see to his needs and ensuring that Roxanne and the wedding plans were all sorted, so, poor old Derek had to fend for himself....apart from sleeping, he stayed there in the room until we travelled to the venue for the Ceremony at 2.00pm. He stayed for the whole ceremony, had a chat with my brother Philip and sister in law Dawn, then he went and sat in the car until 5.30, which was after we had finished and cleared up!

This isn't actually Derek's foot, but this is what it looks like!

Roxanne and Tom drove to Glasgow airport, where they stayed in a hotel over night, and then flew to Sweden the following morning for their Honeymoon.


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