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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16th August

Well, nothing much to report.
I have to go and see my Oncologist again on first of September.
This, I think may be the last time for 3 months.
We are now in the 'watchful waiting' period.
Anyway, I have compiled a list of things that I want to mention, I am sure that I will be asked about how I am feeling, what side effects are still hanging on etc.
My memory has never been particularly good, as I have mentioned before, and it is worse now.........
I have been making a list and adding or deleting things as required. This, I will take and share with her.
(There are a couple of things on it that I have meant to mention at previous appointments, but forgot to do so).

Now list so far....(which I am sure will change as the days and weeks pass), but here it is for the NOW!

How I feel now – August 2011

Side effects/symptoms
  • ·        Painful joints, especially hips and knees.
  • ·        Tinnitus. (No improvement).
  • ·        Hot sweats.
  • ·        Feeling cold some times when no one else does.
  • ·        Itchy spots to back, chest and midriff.
  • ·        Headaches.
  • ·        Impaired vision.
  • ·        Sore mouth and loose tooth.
  • ·        Lethargy.
  • ·        Easily tired generally, but especially after working.
  • ·        Loosing weight…(but that is good).
  • ·        Short tempered.
  • ·        Sore throat.
  • ·        Stomach cramps, (upper abdomen).
  • ·        Feel sick sometimes.
  • ·        Some neuropathy in both feet.
  • ·        Palpitations.
  • ·        Occasional Dizziness.
Non of the above are causing too many problems, and do not effect my life and stuff that has to be done, I may be a bit slower, but all in all, no real issues.

The 1st September should be the end, (other than the regular 3 monthly check ups and the ongoing 'watchful waiting!'

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