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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

24th August - only by 20 minutes

Here we are again....
Seems like ages ago that I was having trouble sleeping and was up at this hour 'blogging'.

I have been getting stomach cramps and they seem to be getting worse.
This is the first time that they have kept me awake though....(well, since I was undergoing treatment anyway).

I feel sick, that, and the cramps are keeping me awake.

I really don't want to start taking pain killers and sleeping tablets again, not now, after all this time.

No idea at all what it is. Hopefully, it will be short lived, and if not, no worries, I get to see the Oncologist next week. I shall take my list with me to make sure that I mention it.
As I have said on numerous occasions, my memory is really rubbish now, I am surprised that I can still remember my own name and address!!!!!

Well, I am going to have a wander around the garden, it is a beautiful night, and so very peaceful right now.

Hmmmmmm, I think that a nice mug of Ovaline is in order too!

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