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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday 28th August

No real change....nagging cramps, not debilitating though, I can still get on and do stuff....just the back ground....nagging!

Weather, cool and changeable.

It was very windy overnight, and my tomatoes, that are in pots, blew over!
Sorted it out this morning, so no harm done.
They are really taking their time in ripening!
They are a decent size, but still very green!

The magpies are teasing Dougal, really funny to watch!

They land on the grass, Dougal approaches in 'stealth mode', the closest flies off and another comes and lands behind him, then off the go again, Dougal approaches in 'stealth mode', magpie flies off and the other lands right behind Dougal!

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