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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thursday 25th August

Slept like a brick all night last night!

Some weird sensations whilst laying just before sleep.
I could hear my own heart, banging so loudly in my chest, my limbs were really heavy,  and I felt unable to move them!
It felt like hot water coursing through my veins.....arms legs and trunk.
Not in my hands feet and head though.
I did feel a bit light headed though.....a bit like being drunk.............

I did feel a bit felt like my whole bed was rocking, so it was probably sea sickness lol!
Don't know how long these sensations lasted, because I fell asleep during them, so, they clearly weren't that bad. In fact, if it wasn't for the nausea, it would have been quite pleasant!

No stomach cramps during the night, but I did get some milder ones before I went to bed.

I feel completely drained this morning, but I am sure that after my shower and after I have put some 'slap' on, I will feel fine.

I imagine that all of these 'symptoms' are quite normal, it is so easy to forget that I have undergone some major treatments, and there are bound to be some effects that linger, or that come on some time after wards.

I want to sleep deeply again tonight....without the nausea though!

It rained all night, so it smells very 'fresh' outside today. It isn't too cold though.

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