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Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday 26th August

I slept well last weird stuff either!
I only got up once in the night for the loo.

Yesterday, I went to Leicester to see Roxanne, and catch up after the 'Honeymoon', and see all the photo's and pick some out to have framed for me!

Leicester Town Hall Square.

I went on the M6 Toll Road. It took just under an hour, there were 2 services on route that I could use if needed. (And they weren't needed! Yay!)

M6 Toll Road.
£5.30 to use this Road

Amazing that it is quicker to get to Leicester than to get to work in the morning.

Or, use this for free....Ordinary M6
Now you can see why it takes longer to get to work than to travel to another County.

I couldn't afford to pay for the toll road every day to get to work, but I do treat myself if I am going South for any other purpose, after all, it is so occasional!

Anyway, we had a little wander around the shops and the market. Had lunch and came home.

I was back in Wolverhampton at 5.00pm. I was exhausted though and did little for the rest of the day!

Not sure that I am going to do very much more today either!
I think that I will just sit and finish reading my book!

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