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Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday 8th August - Wedding pics

This is part of the Castle were the ceremony took place.

A bit more of it.

Another view, (no idea who the person in shot is, these pictures were taken in the morning before the wedding, so I imagine that it is a 'sight see-er)

My son Keith and his girlfriend Sarah.

My brother Philip and my sister in law, Dawn.

Thomas, the Groom and 'Pembo', the Best Man.

Tom and Roxanne 'signing' the register.

Bride and Groom.

The actual ceremony.... Sapphire, the Maid of Honour, Roxanne and Tom, Pembo, the Best Man.......

Tom and Roxanne

Tom, Roxanne in front of the lovely Castle!

This is the area that the ceremony took place in, and this is also where the guests were during the proceedings.

As yoy can see, these are pictures that I took myself, there will be more coming later, some taken by other guests and some taken by the professional photographer....either way, they will be a bit better than mine! lol!


Carole said...

Great pictures Carol...lovely venue and beautiful couple.

Look forward to seeing more shots which will hopefully be just as good as yours :-))

Much luv

Carol said...

Still waititng for the other pics Carole...Ho hum, may get them on Thurs...tomorrow in fact, will post if I do. Thanks for the lovely comments...