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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wednesday 27th July

Morning Everyone!

Well, yesterday, I went to funeral in Birmingham.
Robert King - aged 81 years. You will be sadly missed.  My thoughts are with his family and very close friends. Rest in Peace.

I can tell you that the M6 doesn't change, despite all of the work that was designed to relieve congestion.
It took me one and three quarter hours to travel less that 20 miles!
And...this was not peak time!

A taste of what I have to look forward to when I return to work on 5th September...when I WILL be travelling at peak times!
Ho Hum................................................

When I got back, Richard , my step son, was sitting on the couch with his leg up! He hurt his foot playing football.
He is staying with us until it is better.
It does look nasty!
I bandaged it and and waited on!

I think that he should go to the hospital for an xray, but he said that he would prefer to wait and see what it is like this morning, so that's what we are doing....
As I said, it does look nasty!

Have made Roxanne's bag for the wedding, she wanted a small drawstring bag with gems on it.
So....this is done. I used a CD as a base, the sides are about 8" high, ivory velvet with a purple ribbon as the draw string. I sewed 6 medium sized crystal quartz gems on it.
'Bloody lovely', if I say it myself! Lol!
Not long now to the big day!

Today, I have an appointment at the McMillan centre.........................
An appointment with the Oncologist on Monday, then, I hope that I am all 'done and dusted!'

The Friday after, travel to Scotland, family meal in the hotel during the evening, and the wedding the next day, and then travel back straight afterwards.
So, all in all a busy week next week.

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