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Friday, 15 July 2011

Saturday 16th July

Well....again, not a lot to report today.
I still have tinnitus, neuropathy, lethargy and general tiredness and a raging tooth ache! Will find out on Monday if I can see the dentist for treatment yet, when I have my scan.
Other than that, doing OK, thank you very much!

A new Aldi has opened just around the corner, it opened yesterday. Well, Mum decided that she wanted to have a look around, so off we went.
When we got there, I suggested that we got a trolley..............
Mum said that there was no need, because she was only going to look.......................
(Heard that one before...she has an 'air freshener' fetish!)
Well, an hour later, we reached the tills, I have my arms full of stuff that she bought, I could barely see over the top! Lol!
I had to laugh, because I knew it would happen, but Mum's know best!
To add insult to injury, Mum said that she wanted to go back today to do some shopping!!!   I give up...................................

I think that my hair has stopped falling out now, my head is covered in loads of completely bald patches with little tufts sticking out all over the place, so I think that I will go to the hairdressers and have my head shaved to the bone and then have a quick polish!
(I just want to make sure that it all grows back evenly, and I am not in a rush).

I probably wont post again until Monday evening or Tuesday I don't think that there is going to be a lot to say, and I would hate you all to get bored.
Have a great week end!


Emily said...

How long did it take for your hair to fall out? Mine is falling out in patches too from the brain radiation.

Have a great weekend!!

Carol said...

Hi Emily,
Sorry to hear that you have to undergo brain radiation...I wish you well.
OK......I had 3 x 3 weekly cycles of chemo, then 28 days of radiotherapy, (not on the brain), and then another 3 x 3 weekly chemo sessions........
I first started loosing my hair on about day 18 of the 1st chemo cycle, a bit more on about day 18 of 2nd chemo cycle, same on the 3rd. It started to grow back during my radiotherapy, then I started to loose it again starting with the 4th chemo session, more on 4th, and some more on 6th. I could feel that I was going to loose it, as just before it came out, my scalp became tender. Hair doesn't fall out with all chemo meds, just some of them. I am not sure how hair loss works with radiotherapy. I would imagine that your hair follicles would be affected by the radiotherapy if it is on the brain. I will do a little research and see what I can come up with for you. I wish you well!

Carol said...

Hair loss and radiotherapy
Radiotherapy causes hair loss in a different way to chemotherapy and only affects the specific area being treated. For example, if radiotherapy is given to the breast or chest, only chest and underarm hair will be lost; if your head is being treated, only head hair will come out.
Hi Emily, I got this information from:-
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust.

It is a direct quote.
I hope that it helps............
'Although hair loss is usually temporary, for a few people it can be permanent. It depends on the dose of radiotherapy and the length of treatment you receive. If your hair loss is likely to be permanent, this will be explained to you before treatment begins.'