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Monday, 18 July 2011

Tuesday 19th July - The scan

Morning all!
Well, here I am again as promised.

Yesterday was a very full day. (I'm exhausted!).

I went to pick Roxanne up from the station, From there we went into town to pick up a few last minute bits and pieces for the wedding. Quite easy, and it didn't take long.
We had lunch and then took Mum to the clinic to check her blood levels. Went home for about an hour, then Roxanne and I went to the hospital for my scan.

When I got there, the first thing that I had to do, was to drink about 2 litres of this white stuff..... this had to be done within 1 hour.
Not too unpleasant, but I would order it in a cafe! Lol!

From there, I wa taken into a small changing room.
I had to strip, keeping only my knickers and shoes, and the wonderful hospital gown. It to the scan room.
A cannula was put into my arm whilst I was laying on the bed/trolley that manoeuvres you into the machine. A few minutes later, the nurse came back in and started the 'drip' going....(Not me, the infusion!).
The machine did it's 'thing'. I had to breath in and hold my breath until told to breath again.....the machine gave the instructions, that was a bit eerie!

All done, back to a tiny waiting area, where I had to wait for 10 minutes before the cannula was removed.
The stuff that was infused was some sort of iodine solution.
I felt it go into my made me feel very hot and left a weird taste/sensation in the back of my throat.
It will about a week before the results are known, as I said before, I understand that this scan is to use as a benchmark for future checks, so I don't expect the results to be conclusive in anyway.
Back home for about 18.30.......... Plated up a salad for every one, collapsed on the couch and just chatted until bed time.

This morning, I feel a bit 'queezy' and 'loose'.

Only about 2-3 weeks to the wedding....the excitement is mounting. It is always great to spend time with Roxanne and Keith. Great to have the pleasure..............
I spent time with Keith last week, and I am spending time with Roxanne yesterday and today! Fab!

Here they are together, one of the rare occasions, this was taken about 3 years ago...


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

I know you're not expecting conclusive results but I'm hoping for the best possible news for you.
You SO totally deserve it...

Relax and allow yourself to get swept away in the excitement of the wedding now....

Great pic of Roxanne and's about time we saw a more up to date one of you..(and not the back of your head thank you very much - lol) xx

Some of the wedding pics will need to go on here I think :-)

Keeping everything firmly crossed for you Carol

Carol said...

Hi Carole!
Hope that you are well! x
Thanks for sharing my hopes for the best and sending yours, I really appreciate it.
I am SOOOO looking forward to the wedding, not long to go now...Hehehehhe, I am so excited! I love this pic of them both..........there will be more, I intend to get 'snap happy' at the wedding!
I will post more up to date photo's of me then too.....You do realise that most people consider the back of my head my best feature! Lol! I DO keep everything crossed most of the time...mainly because of a continence issue though! Lol!
Take care.....hugs 'n' blessings! x