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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5th July - 16th day of 6th chemo cycle

Well, not  a great deal to share with you today.

  • My feet are swelling up now, (to be expected).
  • Still have neuropathy in my feet, the left foot being worse than the right.
  • The phlebitis comes and goes on the left arm....not a real issue with that though.
  • Heartburn is still a bit troublesome.
  • Hip joints painful and stiff, doesn't stop me doing stuff though.
  • Still carrying extra weight that I want to shift asap.
  • Tinnitus,  can be very annoying sometimes.
  • Still have tooth ache, should be able to visit the dentist in a couple of weeks.
  • Eye sight..............need to speak to the Doc and optician to see when I am able to have my eyes sorted.
  • The biggest issues are low energy levels and feeling sooooooooo tired most of the time,  lack of ability to concentrate and short term memory.
I enjoyed my trip to town yesterday. Just a gentle pootle around the shops, I managed to 'sniff out' a couple of sales and bought a dress that was reduced from
£59.00 to £35.00....

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