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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

13th July

I went to see Keith in the Lake District yesterday. My brother in law, Pete took me and brought me back...Thanks Pete!
I spent some time with Keith. He and I went for a lovely walk and spent some lovely time time together...just he and I.
I saw Sarah, Keith's girl friend, lovely woman....all in all a good time was had.

This is an aerial picture of Lindale, the village that Keith and Sarah live, and it was around this area that we walked.

Roxanne is coming on Monday.

My friend Ann did the Race for life, and completed it in 1 hour and 3 minutes.
She had my name on her back! Thanks Ann!
I will post a picture as soon as I can get this bloody 'blue tooth' to get it of my phone!!!!!!
This is a pic from the 'net' instead 'till I sort the blue tooth.

My appointment for a scan has come through.
I need to go on Monday 18th July at 16.20 hrs.
The scan is at 17.20 hrs, but I have to drink this 'stuff' first.
1 hour to drink the stuff, and 20 minutes for the scan.
I can have nothing to eat or drink for 2 hours prior to the scan.......not totally sure if this is 2 hours before the actual scan, or 2 hours before I have to drink this 'stuff', which would be 3 hours before the scan, I shall err on the side of caution and make it 3 hours.............

The results of the scan will be sent in report form to the Doctor. The Doctor will then organise an appointment to see me, and discuss these results.

What is a CT Scan?

This is done using a special X ray machine, you lay on a bed, and your whole body will pass through a doughnut shaped section at the end of the bed.
The X rays come from the complete circumference of the doughnut. This will result in pictures of cross sections or slices of you body that are transferred to a computer.
This machine uses more radiation that an ordinary X ray machine.

Anyway, I am off for that on Monday 18th.................................

Roxanne is coming on that day too. I will pick her up from the station in the morning, we will go into town for lunch. Then, I will take Mum for her 'bloods' at the clinic. Straight from there, me and Roxanne will go to the hospital for my scan.

A bit of news that we could really do without right now....Derek, my husband, has been 'laid off' at work as they are short of work, so his last day is Friday unless a new order comes in before then.

Ho Hum....such is life............................................


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

I think you'll find it's 2 hrs before you drink the stuff - therefore 3 hours...For my PET scan I had to STARVE myself for 15 hours - lol :-)

Glad you've got a scan date and will be thinking of you constantly Monday afternoon.
All that positive energy flying around has to do some good for us I reckon.

Keith lives in a beautiful place, great that you got to wander and spend time in such relaxing surroundings. Again, can only do you good.
Hugs xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
15 hours without food or drink! Not sure I could go that long without a drink!
Thanks for your thoughts!
You are right , all this positive energy can only be good.
The walk with Keith was really very enjoyable and relaxing!
My thoughts are with you.
Hugs Carol