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Monday, 11 July 2011

11th July - End on 6th chemo cycle (day 22)

Well, each chemo cycle lasts 21 days, so here we are on day 22. THE END! Yay!
Still waiting for the appointments for my scan and meeting with 'The Professor'.
I will chase them up today.

Not a great deal to report........I am starting to feel better, so no complaints.

Not sure why, or  if it is even connected, but in the past week or so, I have broken quite a lot of crockery.......I have been dropping it, smacking it against work surfaces and walls, knocking it against tables............. not on purpose, you understand.

In fact in that last week, I have  broken more than I have in the past 30-40 years!
(As long as you don't count the time that I smashed a whole dinner service, bone china it was.........).

I had a dinner party, 6 people in all.
This dinner service had serving plates, tourines, gravy boat, the lot.
Well, I was showing off my culinary prowess, (which retrospectively, was more of a faultering weed than a blossoming prize bloom).

Anyway, I got all the good stuff out, (which was a gift that I had received a year or so before, and had never used).
Well.........................dinner was had, the guests had gone, and it is clearing up time.
No problems there.
Started the washing up, can't remember what I was actually washing at that moment, but it was a big and heavy piece, any how, I saw this whacking great spider, that big, a person could have ridden know, the sort that needs to be wrestled to ground, bloody huge, it was!

Well, this creature came galloping towards me at great speed!
I panicked, dropped this piece of crockery on to the rest of the set that was waiting to be washed, the whole lot came crashing to floor, and every single piece smashed in to hundreds of tiny little pieces!
(Could have been worse, I could have done it AFTER I had washed and dried it!)
Took ages to clear it all up, and I was finding little slithers of it for years afterwards!
So.....not including that, I have broken as much in the past week or so than I have in most of my adult life!

Funny how little one off incidents can remind you loads of other stuff that you had completely forgotten about! Lol!


cleo said...

hahahahahaha, can understand you, I hate spiders esp when they are big and black and hairy ....ewwwwwww!! But in a way it is funny too. You survived and that is what counts, material stuff, so what?? Have a good time now from now on baby, YOU SURVIVED the terror!!

hugs you!!


Carol said...

Hi Cleo,
Spiders scare me to death! LOL
Yep, survived the terror of spiders, survived the terror of Chemo and radiotherapy!
Get the scan and meeting over...and Bob's your Uncle...all done and dusted!
Hugs back at ya!

Lynn said...

Sorry I was too far away to be of assistance, but I absolutley love spiders, yes,,,,my friends think i'm strange too, have a picture somewhere in my fb pictures of a whopper I bought Derek for xmas last year, happy you lived to tell the tale though!! haha xxx

Carol said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for your comment!
I would never harm a spider, or anything else, but I am scared of idea why! LOL!
Will see if I can find the pic of your spider.