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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Well, here we are again, sorry I have taken so long, I had a really busy week end.
Saturday and Sunday, I had friends around all day, and we had another BBQ on Sunday.
Monday, I had my drum lesson, I think that I have mastered one piece of the song now....

I was just about to say that I have had no sickness since Saturday morning, but I feel a bit yukky now, so I am off, and I will finish this when I had met with my bucket...........

That was all yesterday.
I went to meet with the Big Purple bucket, and thankfully, didn't need it.
Then Claire came to pick me up as we went to Leicester to see Mum and Roxanne.

Anyway, Claire said that she was going to clean the car, as Tilda has her own seat in the front, so, I thought,
'Goody, I can wear white!'

(Having said that, mine is a bit desperate for some TLC now too).

I wore white and ended up with the whole outfit being 'Tilda'd!
What did Claire say?
Well, I'll tell you.
She said,
'Never mind, we can pretend it is a!

This is what my bum looked like when we got there!

I just want to add, that Claire and I are very firm friends, this is how we speak to one another all the time, and I dare say that I have said loads of things much worse to her.
We just have warped senses of humour.
I certainly wouldn't want to change her in anyway.

Not exactly the pic I was looking for, but isn't it great?

This more like it though. Great friends who trust each other.

Mum and Roxanne were well.
We had a spot of lunch with Mum, and then took a walk along the beautiful canal to the local pub and sat in the 'Beer Garden' with a fruit juice each, chatting and enjoying the sunshine.

I got back home at about 7pm, and I was knackered.

Today, my friend Sandra should be visiting, she isn't here yet, so I am going to have to give her a ring to make sure that all is well.
Must do that now.


Ruth said...

Claire has a brilliant sense of humour, she puts up with me at work. Lol x

Carol said...

Yes, I love her sense of humour too, shows how similar our senses of humour are.....I worked with you sometimes too! LOL!