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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sorry that I am not writing daily at the moment....I am so lack lustre and tired all of the time. I slept for 17 hours from 8.30 pm yesterday to 1.30 this pm, and I am feeling very sick today too.

Sunday, I had a really quiet and restful day.

Monday, Harvey came to give me my drum lesson, well, I had only just got out of bed, and I was feeling very 'under the weather'.

Anyway, I discussed how I felt and that I was feeling worse with each passing day. We both agreed that it would be in MY best interest if I didn't force myself to do stuff that I was not really able to do.

So my dream of animal is put to one side, I am happy that I made this decision though.

Harvey will still visit just to chat, which is great.
I do feel that I am letting so many people down, for which, I am deeply apologetic, but I really haven't got the stamina nor the health that is required to continue.
I am sorry.

Tuesday, I managed about 2 hours on the market with Mandy. We were looking for the fabric for the robe that I will be wearing at my burial. Mandy has very kindly agreed to make it for me. Mandy is also leading the 'service' with Paul, her friend, well, and mine, I do know him. I became very tired and was very slow making my way back to the car. I got a ticket! Sh*t.

Claire came in the afternoon, and went mad when she saw the ticket.......bless her, she is handling it for me, not the payment, I can do that, but trying to get it quashed as I was displaying a valid parking ticker and my disabled badge........
Thanks Claire.

Claire didn't bring Tilda, so I missed her, and Dougal was acting very strange, so we feel that he missed her too.
Sorry Tilda, not my fault, your mummy chose not to bring you......nothing to do with me, despite what she says. I bet you missed us too!

Today, it is Keith's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Keith!

I am having another quiet and relaxing day, Keith and Sarah have gone to North Wales for a short break, so I hope that they are having a great time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating when you can. I check in on you every day. I appreciate your sharing so generously your experiences. I am trying to spend as much time with family as I am able to and am considering what things I'd most like to do thanks to your wise example.
I admire so much how you are handling each new tough thing as it comes.

Best wishes!

Carol said...

Hi Anon,
Really pleased that you are getting something out of reading my blog,
this is the whole point.
I hope that you are feeling as well as you can under your specific circumstances, and that you get more from this blog as time goes by. My thoughts are with you. x