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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Friday 30th August

Thank you Roxanne, for writing this blog whilst I was unwell......great blog.

Well, Roxanne, Derek and me went into town on Tuesday in the wheelchair, well, we went in the car, and I used the chair once in town, pushed by Roxanne.

It went really well..................
Ok, not all went well exactly.
We were crossing the road at the pedestrian lights, lights in our favour, so far, so good.
There were ramps at both sides, down we went, all is well............
I noticed that the opposite side had a ramp, but not level with the road......
Anyway, this 'curb' was approaching faster and faster, I braised myself............
Good job I had a firm hold and was expecting it!!!!!!!
Roxanne thought that the higher the curb, the more speed was required to overcome it!
I think that we are all now aware that curbs need to be overcome backwards or the front wheels raised enough to accommodate it.


I was really tired when I got home and pleased to rest.

The talk to the Trustees on Wednesday went well. and, this morning, one of the members came to thank me personally, so that was great.

I went to Compton Hospice as usual, and there were loads of new people, it is amazing how things change almost on a weekly basis...............
I had a lovely card form the staff for doing this presentation yesterday.
Had a lovely card form my friend Jacky the other day too.

Claire and Tilda came to see me this evening, that was good.

I feel better today and yesterday than I have done for a while..............
I haven't been sick since Monday!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey, my drum instructor is coming for a visit tomorrow, so that is something to look forward to.

Seem to be spending a great deal of time reminiscing these days, all good!

Creedence Clearwater Revival music playing through my brain.......again......all good stuff!!

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bendeschaad said...

Carol, I posted this to my facebook page. Hey! Creedance and most rock songs use the following drum beats.(1) tap 4 steady beats with right foot..1,2,3,4...(2)with right hand tap 1& 2& 3& 4&..(3) with left hand tap only on beats 2 and 4....basic rock drum beat. Hang in there my friend!!!
Aaron from USA