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Friday, 10 August 2012

10th August 2012

I am sure that it was the 20th of August this time last year.....
August feels as if it is taking it's time.
It should be later than this!

The weather has been quite good, so no real complaints form me.

I was at Compton Hospice yesterday, and spoke of my sickness.
(I was very sick just before I went).
Seems that there are a number of potential reasons:-

1. Medication, well we know this and sorted it.
2. My mind....expecting to be sick so just complies. Possible, but I feel that I have greater control over my mind than it has over me.....but hey ho, I been wrong before.
3. The whole of my digestive system has been compromised by the disease.
This I feel is the most likely as I have increased pain.

After speaking with the nurses about the colour and texture of my bodily excretions, all of them, reason number 3 holds out the best.
I have been to the Doctors to ask if I can have my meds in a blister pack and the Doctor agrees, so all should be well.
All of my anti-sickness meds have been doubles, so that too, is encouraging. I may even be able to take more morphine as I experience more pain, so

to all of that.

Oh, and I took my 'Living Will' to Compton and to the Doctor's yesterday too.

Today, I am off to the Shrewsbury Flower Show with friends, I am really looking forward to that.

(The only thing that worries me about this, is that I may become tired late afternoon/early evening, and my friends will have to leave too....I could be a real party pooper!)

Another Pagan Fest is on this week-end, and sadly, I will miss this one too, because I am trying to raise some more money for Compton, never mind.

I was rally pampered at Compton yesterday.
Hair cut, pedicure, manicure, Indian Head Massage, and a great meal, although I felt unable to eat much of it..............

I have officially been asked to do do a presentation to the 'Trustee's of Compton Hospice, which I am really looking forward too. This should take place on 28th August, so I have a while to prepare myself.

So far today, feeling as if I may be sick, but no actual sickness yet, keep your fingers crossed for me........................

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Catherine said...

Carol, I saw an adorable picture online the other day that made me think of your blog. Hopefully it makes you laugh - it's a super cute baby gorilla have its heart rate checked. Here's the image link: (