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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The story so far......

A few months ago, I noticed a lump. It was painful, but it felt like many other lumps that I have had throughout the years. They have all been sists. Some painful when infected and others just there.
Anyway, I wasn't worried until it became a problem due to the pain, little things like sitting, driving, get the drift.
Anyway, I went to the Doctor, he referred me to the hospital.
When I went to the hospital, the lump was too painful to examine, so an appointment was made to have the examination under anaesthetic.
I went to the day patient department at Newcross Hospital for the op.
The surgeon came to see me and I asked if it would be possible to take the thing out whist she was already in there instead of just taking enough to do the biopsy. At this point we were all believing that it was an infected sist.
Down I went for the op.
When I awoke, the surgeon said that she was able to remove the lot in one go and I needed to wait for the results.

About 3 weeks later, I received a phone call from the Hospital. I was asked to attend in 2 days.
This I did.
I was informed that the lump was cancer. It was an unusual cancer.
It was "Neuro Endocrine Small Cell Cancer".
I week later, I had to have a CT scan That was yesterday.


Carol said...
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Carol said...
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