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Friday, 26 November 2010

27th Nov

Hi again,
I have just read through the blog and I have noticed that I have made some spelling errors and that I have repeated myself, but then I decided that those who are interested will work their way through it, and those who aren't won't notice it, because they won't read it, so I'm not that worried.
Anyway, in one of the earlier blogs, I said that the hardest thing was no one wanted to mention it at home....well, since then my husband has read it and started to talk, well, he kept telling me I was wrong to feel this way, wrong to make this decision, wrong to do this that and the other, all that made me want to do was to hit him on the nose....SO......I have realised that what I want is someone to look interested in what I have to say, nod in the right places and be quiet!
By the way, I am writing this regular blog because the litreature from the hospital said that it would be a good idea because it may help others in a similar situation. I hope that someone out there is getting something from it.

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