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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back home now

Travelling to work this morning gave me time to think.
I have to use the glorified car park called the M6. A great equaliser though, it doesn't matter what you drive, you are not going to get there before the old bashed relaint robin!!!
Anyway, I digress!
I was wondering if it is worth putting myself through all that aggro and discomfort for maybe's and perhaps's.
Will it extend my life? if so, how long? What quality of life and on and on and on.
I was feeling miserable and sorry for myself.
But then, I arrived at work and spoke to a man who has tesicular cancer, he started daily chemo last Friday, and he looks well, and says that he feels fine.
Great news. I am feeling better again now.
If there is anyone out there who has been through something similar, I love to hear from you...but then again, I dare say that there are very few people interested in a blog such as this...
A big HI! to all of you that are reading.

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