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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OK, I am back. Thank you Roxanne and Derek for filling in on some of my worst days so far. I am still tired beyond my understanding, although, now that I have a basic explanation, I feel more at ease with it all.
Last week, a physiotherapist came to see me regarding my tiredness and lethargy. I have been so 'lack lustre' that I didn't even go to the Hospice.
Shock! Horror!

I will explain how this effects my body at this time.
(I imagine that it would be the same with all who have cancer and other terminal diseases and other ailment).

This how it works.
Each day, there is an allocation of a certain amount of energy, lets call them 'zebs' for the sake of argument.
Anyway, I am given 5 zebs daily.

2 zebs Shower, brush teeth, dry, dress, make up, wipe shower
1 Zeb All the times that I climb up and down the stairs
daily to use the loo.
1 Zeb Picking drinks up, eating, standing to take meds,any
other standing. Being sick.
1 Zeb Hanging out a machine of washing.

That's it, all my zebs gone, I have to wait until tomorrow for any more.
I have to learn how to save zebs for the things that I want to.

Shower stool, no standing.
Don't dry, sit with towel or robe and self dry.
Have a shower the night before a specific event instead of the same morning.
Commode down stairs.
Sit, walk or lay.......never just stand, it takes up more energy.
Stop before you are tired.
Feel able to get about and push your own wheel chair as long as you sit before tiring.
Any thing that you do putting you hands above, like hanging washing, hair drying etc., uses many Zebs, The same as doing tasks that require bending down.

I have taken note of the recommendations and even started the ones that I can.
The McMillan Nurses came to see me too, but that is tomorrow's tale.


Angelinthemaking said...

re ideas for zeb conservation: shower stool and towelling robe, defo. don't clean shower or use anything other than air to dry your hair. I suppose no makeup is out of the question? (Yup, I'm a slob!)
If you go to the loo a lot then a commode is a must. I used to have to go every few mins and forget dignity just enjoy the rest...
Plan so that every trip to another room fulfils as many purposes as possible. Have duplicate things you might need in as many places as possible so you don't have to move around so much to get them...use a cleaner and/or laundry service for the housework(I believe these are called husbands in some, I'll let you know if any more spring to mind...

Thandi said...

Hope the tips help. Take care

bendeschaad said...

Very good, funny, post my friend.
Aaron in USA.

Morgan Katz said...

I completely understand how hard it is to have cancer. Keep fighting and stay strong. You can do it I had soft tissue sarcoma, so I know how scary it is.Writing if often cathartic! my blog:

Anonymous said...

Hello, thinking of you all and hoping you are reserving those zebs for time with the people you love best. Wishing you ease and peace.