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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hello! This is Keith again as mum is still finding it difficult to update the blog, but she will be back soon.
Right updates. As some of you may or may not know mum is currently a resident at Compston Hospice. This is in the hope that they will be able to manage her medication improving pain and sleep. I have been informed that it is not far from being a 5 star hotel. I understand that there is a hot tub every night and a foot massage. This is all followed off by an offer of a drink of your choice. There is whisky or rum or anything else you want. So far I understand mum has been having Horlicks every night. Today they have allowed us to take mum out on the understanding that we will return her no later than 8 tonight. Mum has told us that she has found many ways of sneaking out and has already found herself locked out of the building. This resulted in her having to walk around to reception and registering herself as a guest to visit herself in order to get back in.
At present we sitting around trying to teach my gran some more PC lingo rather than the 1920’s slightly offence terminology she is currently using to describe people. I don’t think it’s working.


Thandi said...

Your whole family sounds a riot! Well, at least you're trying to teach gran! Hope you enjoy your visit with mum.

bendeschaad said...

Continue to follow your blog. Thinking of you.
Love and light.
Aaron from USA