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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hello everyone, Carol, between the sky diving lessons and the snow boarding, has been feeling a lot more tired than she used to. At night I plug her in to the socket to recharge her batteries, along with warming cushion, her electric recliner, computer, side light and phone.

I go to bed worrying that she might overload and and burst into spontaneous combustion. She just came into the garage and asked me to feel her back, it was roasting, I think she is trying to cook herself to death,

Last week she collected a load of handbags and shoes together to donate to Compton Hospice (they were almost gone in the first hour). I don't know weather this was bought on by a shopping expedition to town where she saw "this nice yellow handbag" she now wishes that she had bought. Added to this was the comment "these jeans are too small for me they are baggy in the crotch" as every husband knows these comments are usually the fore runner to a clear-out before the spending spree to replace them.
The serious side is that she is losing weight and feeling more and more tired.

The past few days have also seen the more frequent rushing for the purple bucket, this may be a hint at either, she needs a new one or she needs a range of them to go with her various VERY colourful outfits.

Carols new innovation is to not buy handbags but "inserts" for a huge carpet bag she has now. She now has a wheelchair for pootling around town now she finds it difficult to walk anywhere too far without getting tired. Can you imagine the scene around town with kids throwing money at you saying "great guy mister". The whole thing is always colour co-ordinated, handbag, bucket, coat, cardy and various FULL shopping bags. I feel like a London barrow boy.

Carol is at the moment planning a trip to her birthplace (Richmond, north Yorkshire) with Roxanne, I feel it maybe too much but I know she will be well looked after.

I dare say that Carol will add her own pictures when she comes back from her trip.
We send you all lots of love and hugs and thank you all for your support and best wishes. It means an awful lot to her. (Letting out her secrets now)


cleo said...

ohhhh sweety Carol, how I miss you on my page but I know it all is a strain for you so don't do it honey!! Do all things that in one or another way do please you for a bit.. and that handbag thingy? I could add mine to them wow!!
My doc will be showing up in a minute to declare a few things of my health story, hope it will be health!
Well sweety, know that I think of you often enough to please you.. Bye for now, hope you can read this, lots of love, Cleo, hugsssss!!!

denise said...

Sending much love, thoughts and prayers your way. I got a bit anxious when I did not see any updates the past few days.
Take your time, enjoy yourself during the trip. Come back and tell us all about it.
Take care n God bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing. I was worried when there was no word for so many days.

I'm glad she is able to keep up the skydiving and snowboarding at this point. I admire her determination and unstoppable nature.

Hugs to you all.

denise said...

Much love n prayers going your way. Have been following your blog for sometime n I greatly admire your zest for life and the bright optimistic outlook you have, inspite of your cancer.

denise said...

Love your bright optimistic outlook. Much love n prayers going your way.

Thandi said...

Sending hugs and warm wishes for everyone.Hope she enjoys her time with Roxanne.